About Us

Billi and The Environment

There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. Billi is renowned for its eco focus, ensuring our sustainable appliances go beyond water and energy saving. A total quality commitment makes a Billi system Australia’s first choice in water appliances with sleek looks combined with impressive performance. Billi is committed to:
  • Exceed environmental legislation targets and set industry standards.
  • Build partnerships with suppliers who share our values.
  • Consider the impact on future generations in all our business decisions.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Principles

By considering composition and construction of each component to every unit, Billi achieves Australia’s lowest carbon footprint. Individual parts are recyclable and bear globally recognised codes. Every new product is designed to meet Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) guidelines too. Effective water and energy saving initiatives help meet Green Building Design (GBD) objectives.

Harvest And Reuse of Energy

Chilling water creates waste heat energy. Billi’s patented technology recovers and reuses this waste heat to preheat the boiling water, thereby achieving considerable energy savings. The leading technology of our filtered drinking water systems offers unique energy and water saving advantages:
  • Thermodynamic Heat-exchange technology recovers and reuses heat energy.
  • High performance polyethylene insulation holds water temperature and saves energy.
  • Stand-by mode conserves power during set non-use periods.

Your Environment

Billi lets you enjoy pure, clean drinking water in commercial or residential environments without costly environmental impact. Our technology allows you an environmentally responsible choice when it comes to filtered boiling and chilled drinking water, with our systems using less energy than a kettle and having far less environmental impact than bottled water.